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What is EdenWild About?

Large parts of the world are becoming polluted, violent, hyper-crowded, prohibitively expensive to live in, toxic, or otherwise uncomfortable to raise a family in, or exist peacefully yourself.
EdenWild is a private estate of 100 acres that draws its own pure, pristine water from an over-400-feet deep (>120 m.) bedrock cavern. The water is plentiful, delicious & endless.
The rest of the world is beginning to experience not only water shortages, but water wars in some places in the mid-east and Africa. Much of the US's water is running out or going bad.
EdenWild has its own solar power generation capabilities. While the price of hydro-electricity continues to climb higher, our power continues to be generated for free.
While city-dwellers continue to drive 1-hour-plus commutes through smoggy traffic to jobs that only add to the stress of their lives, we walk and work amongst the sparkling-fresh air created from millions of trees.
And while housing prices approach the million-dollar mark for average homes throughout southern Ontario, those who are comfortable with a lighter-load lifestyle and capable of tiny-home-style accommodation, can enjoy living in safe, affordable housing without "mortgage anxiety".
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Long-term development concepts.....
A lifestyle surrounded by nature.
No stress about losing water supply, electricity supply, energy & heat, etc.
Living far from urban crime, crowding, stress, pollution, gridlock, etc.
Living only 20 minutes from a small city's resources, shopping, hospitals, etc.
Night skies with brilliant stars & moon.
Endless pure water supply, plenty of food growable right on the land.
Wholesome living space, healthy air, plenty of exercise space & facilities.

Imagine waking every morning to nature . . . .

The EdenWild Concept