About Us

EdenWild's living situation is not for everyone.

If you're used to a comfy, huge home in the 'burbs that is forcing you to work 65-to-75-hour work weeks just to afford the mortgage on it, even while you can rarely be in it because of your work load, EdenWild is probably not for you.
If you are used to life in the bowels of industrialized/commercialized inner-city skyscraper housing, can accept living like chickens in cages, and think an occasional bug is "icky" and to be feared, EdenWild is probably not for you.
If you are terrified of nature's small wildlife and dislike walking amongst green, peaceful forests while exploring streams, cliffs and natural terrain, EdenWild is probably not for you.
If your social life demands constant, clingy contact with dozens of Facebook "friends" and a frenetic party-hearty lifestyle of pubs and clubbing, EdenWild is definitely not for you.
However, if you can think independently, are looking for a self-determining lifestyle, enjoy the outdoors, are fascinated by nature, prefer working less but living and thinking more ("working smarter, not harder"), can get along with others rationally and comfortably but aren't "needy" socially, and realize that a countrified lifestyle will remain sustainable long after massive city-structures might fail in the future, EdenWild just might be for you.