What's It All About?

EdenWild's Goals

"Rock-walk" to the caves . . . .
Offer fair, inexpensive, secure housing in a natural setting.
Be prepared to continue stable, safe housing even if society gets worse.
Maintain a healthy, wholesome living environment amidst nature.
Provide the purest water available, totally safe from outside contamination.
Provide the space for those interested to grow their own food & vegetables.
Maintain the exercise facilities located on the estate.
The EdenWild Concept is based on people who wish to return to a more natural lifestyle, and shed the tension, crowding and aggravation that can be associated with living in a big city.
It is also based on the opportunity to help you save money on the ever-rising and unfair costs of housing.
The EdenWild Concept has several solutions to accommodate a few variations of the above possibilities. If you're the type who likes to find solutions BEFORE they become humongous problems, inquire about what we can help you with. Include your phone number in your email and we'll call you.