A Different, Progressive Lifestyle That Goes "Back To Nature"

Before jumping in, though, consider this first . . . .

EdenWild Concept is the result of a long-held dream I've hung onto through several major setbacks in life ..... and several lesser "life tests". Throughout all of this, I continued to pursue my dream of an eventual long-term, independent lifestyle in a forested setting, not too close and not too far from a city's resources without having to depend on the costly amenities of a city.

It's taken 20 years and over $185,000, but this dream has coalesced, and it's ready to share with a few people who have also realized that societally, things are going a bit haywire out there. Cities are overcrowded, resources are running lower and lower, education systems are generally getting less & less effective, prices for power, fuel, electricity continue to climb, and that drags the prices of food, water supply, clothing and other necessities ever higher along with them. And it is NOT getting better.

And if you're renting, you know what a nightmare THAT can be, financially. As of January 2016, the average price for a ONE-bedroom apartment in Toronto is $1,495 per month! A simple TWO-bedroom averages just over $2,000 monthly! And you have to put up with elevators, shabby lobbies, sometimes-questionable neighbours, smelly hallways..... all the "joys" of skyscraper living.

What if your lifestyle was light enough that you could live in a tiny-home - sized dwelling... a small, separate home, one that you couldn't hear the neighbours through the walls because there are NO neighbours on the other side of the walls..... just the great outdoors.
And how much could you save on your own, for yourself and/or your family, if your rent was only $550 a month? Personal, private space of your own for about a third of the cost of a downtown hamster-cage dwelling.
Living in the southern Muskoka area requires you to be able to have some flexibility, too.

1) Does your job allow you to work independently of the city? For example, do you have a job that allows you to work in programming or computer services you can do from home?

2) Or, do you have experience in trades or job opportunities that are in demand in this region? Two of the region's largest small cities are only 15 minutes away, a vastly shorter commute than Toronto living!

3) Or, are you retired or otherwise receiving an independent income and would like to save more money for yourself, rather than paying humongous amounts to a wealthy landlord?

4) Will your personal living circumstances allow for a "downsizing" perhaps, to a more comfortable, less ecologically impacting lifestyle in a smaller home?
Live like this?
Or like this?